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I enjoy camping out in the desert.  Always did ever since as long as I can physically remember.  Ain't nothing like having the gentle glow of a fire to keep you warm while the millions of stars up above glitter and shine.  Maybe if you're lucky you'll see one shoot by in a streak of light across the sky.  Make a wish, I was told.  Make a wish on a shooting star and it'll certainly come true.  Well, I did.  And I waited.  I waited a good long many years until that wish came true even though I made it quite often.
Tonight I was cooking some stew over a campfire out in the Mojave.  The sun was just starting to set and already the dark blues of night were streaking across the sky bringing with it the blanket of stars.  Somewhere a coyote began to yip.  I looked off to my left and a smile pulled up the ends of my moustache as I saw the results of a long awaited wish throwing a stick for my cyberdog, Rex, to bolt after to retrieve.
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Tracy Blackfox
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United States
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I'm a big time cowgirl at heart. I love all things western. You won't see me too often without my black cowboy hat on. Of course I love country music, but I do like all other styles as well. And yes, I like NASCAR and the PBR. I go to lots of rodeos when time and money permits it. I also visit the local ranch which is a horse rescue ranch. I love all the horses there.

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I love to write, take photographs and draw even though my drawing has taken a backseat to my writing for the last few years. I am a pure traditionalist and use a pencil and pad of paper. I do envy those that have the digital skills, however. Sadly, I don't have the funding or talent to do things like that, so I just do what I do.

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I have three amazing cats (Daisy, Taylor Hicks, and Paisley) and a just as amazing landscaped yard. I enjoy going to classic car shows, riding horses, watching good movies and all sorts of animations and I do enjoy reading even though I've stopped that to focus on writing my own novel. I've been working on it since February or March of 2012 and it's not as easy as you think. I love it though. I just finished it some time in maybe June of 2013 and am now in the process of editing it. To stop any questions, it will NEVER be published for the public eye to read. Sorry. I'm very protective of my characters to the point of being a jerk about it so don't ask. However, I am in the process of making a Fallout New Vegas bit of fan fiction featuring my wonderful Courier by the name of Travis. I have doubts I'll post it here when I'm done, but I am willing to share with the right people.

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If you are curious about my writings, however, check out the folder I have here dedicated to that. I have been reposting my older fan fictions that I have up on under my penname of Kitty Kadaveral. I know lots of people don't like going to that site, but were interested in my works so there ya have it. The one titled Role Play is my baby and a truly original piece with my characters. That's the story I'm the most fond of, but be warned, it's a bit naughty ;) I'd love to know what you think. Thanks for stopping by and have a groovy day!

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A lovely drawing of my handsome courier Travis Blackfox made by my best friend in the whole world.

Friends who are near and dear to my heart

  • Listening to: Brad Paisley
  • Reading: anything to do with Travis and Riley
  • Watching: Travis and Riley in Sims 4
  • Playing: Overwatch
  • Eating: Cocoa Pebbles
  • Drinking: Coffee
You get what you give in this world and no one is immune to that.  Karma also has a way of kicking people in the ass when they do dick things to people that trusted them.  However, I'm not one to call people out, make flame wars, or any other random immature shit things you see so rampant on so many platforms.


Instead I'm here to say howdy to my new followers, some that rejoined me, and just for the heck of it, the ones that have always been here...just haven't heard much from me.

It's been a very trying year for me since my mom was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer back in May of 2016.  So much happened that month with me making the bestest friend I ever had in the world, my OC getting involved with his OC, and then the insanity of my job which took me out of town.  I had to neglect my online stuff for the most part as I'm an only child and all my folks have down here in Florida.  I helped mom as best as she could all the way up 'til she passed in July that same year.  I was robbed.  I was told one year, but in reality she was given six to eight weeks.  A fact not given to me by my parents no doubt to hide me from the emotions.  I'm angry.  I'm still very angry about it all.  I was robbed at least twenty years more with my mom.  I still haven't properly mourned either, but we all react to things differently.  I instead choose to think about the great memories we made together instead of her final moments and other morbid things like that.

Through it all, I had that best friend in the world who stuck by my side no matter what.  This person is too amazing for words and it's not uncommon for us to be up 'til the very wee hours of the next morning chatting away on Tumblr.  I think the longest we ever chatted was sixteen hours.  Besides being the greatest friend, my amazing OC Travis Blackfox is also his OC's boyfriend.  Since hooking up with Riley, Travis has become to get more and more developed, my writing skills have been worked on (sharpened and challenged) and I found a joy I can't seem to explain.  Thanks to Riley's owner, I now own the Sims 4 of which my Travis and his Riley are Sims and are married.  I can stare at them and put them on adventures for hours.  Such a serious positive in my life and I wish everyone could have such a grand friend as this in their lives.  Maybe there wouldn't be so much hate and misery in this world if people were just nice!


How hard is it to be NICE to someone?  Do you know it takes way more energy and effort to be an asshole to someone than it does to be nice?  Sorry, my time and energy is precious and there's that old cowboy code get what you give.  You treat people like this, you are going to get that in return some day.  I always try to be nice.  It's just my way.  Granted we all have our moments, but to live daily as an deserve all you get and then some.

With recent news about a certain falling out between some people and a form of "asshole" my first thoughts were to gloat and laugh.  Yeah, it's deserving of said asshole.  All the stuff that happened to them back last year when they decided it was a grand idea to ignore my anger, sorrows and pains (just like a good friend does right?) and instead focus on their own butt hurt about something.  They took a few fine folks away from me in their manipulating, but I'm not a grudge holder.  Hell, I'm still friends with a few of my ex boyfriends if that tells you anything.  I over look petty things.  I forgive and forget.  I might even jest about things.  But I won't hold a grudge over meaningless ordeals.  The only way I'll destroy someone is if they go after things I hold dear, but I won't be getting into those as I don't want my weakness out there bahahaha.... ;)

Anyhoo....this journal wasn't going in the direction I was planning originally, but maybe that's for the best.  Instead...welcome to all my new and renewed watchers.  I have been very absent from here as I truly haven't the desire to be here, but perhaps I will continue to post my photographs again as that is something I enjoyed doing and loved hearing what people have to say about them.  And hell, if they didn't that's ok.  I'm not here to force people to comment on my stuff.  The last thing I am is an attention whore.  Comment if you want, like if you want...hell, just come to my page to relax and have fun.   Chat with me I AM fun!  If you want to reach out to me on Tumblr I can be found at    My Tumblr page is dedicated mostly to my Travis, but of course his boyfriend Riley is there.  You'll find all kinds of other things besides Fallout such as Overwatch (I play on PC if you do too shoot me a message and I'll hook you up with my handle maybe we can play together Junkrat, Sombra, Orisa, and Mercy are my mains in each category).  You'll also find Pokemon, photos of my cats, random FUN things....

So I must bid y'all good bye for now as I have to trudge off to work.  Thanks for being watchers, new and old comers, and I hope that you enjoy what's already posted here as well as what is to come!  I'm also trying to get back into drawing again.  Stay tuned and again, welcome!



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